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Set the direction

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Have you experienced an unexpected job loss and now find yourself at a cross-road, not knowing which path to take?

Have you got a new job, a promotion or are starting a new venture and you’re scared you’re going to screw it all up?

After a hard day’s work do you wish you could enjoy family time with your partner and kids instead of wanting to shout at them and then feeling guilty?

Maybe you feel like you’ve been trying SO hard, but you’re just not getting to where you want to be fast enough.

Maybe you’ve been feeling like an imposter.

Maybe you’ve been feeling vulnerable and are afraid that this will be seen as a sign of weakness and that you’ll be punished for it.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

If any of these sounds like how you are feeling right now, I can help you.

I want to see you to be able to embrace your passion and purpose and thrive!

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Who am I?

Hello. My name is Emma.
I am a certified coach-consultant.
I help female business owners, managers and employees manage their stress, maintain good mental health and achieve the work/life balance they desire so that they can feel happy, live fully and not worry about letting the people they care about down.

I work face to face locally or online globally.

What it’s about -
Being boldly you,
Making an impact,
Making a difference.


Who do I help?

What do I help you with?

I offer a free 30 minute discovery call where we can discover what each other are like, what you aim to gain and come away with from our work together and whether we feel like a good match to work together.

If you like what you see and think that you would like us to work together or have any questions, please drop me an email so I can better understand your situation and challenge and we can see if we feel like a good fit to work together.

Still not sure?

Here’s what some of my previous clients have to say about working with me:

Rachel, UK
" In the current lockdown situation we are in, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, which in turn was making me unable to cope. Emma listened to me and then made me realise that: 1) we are in an unusual situation; and 2) I need to manage my expectations and not concentrate on reaching for perfection as that is my obstacle. She also had me list what I wanted / needed to do and decided which is urgent but important, and important but not urgent. As a result I have been able to prioritise and gradually completing my tasks bit by bit, which is giving a peace of mind and good sense of wellbeing. Emma is a great listener. "
Georgia, UK
" My overall experience with Emma has been great. Over the past six months, I have developed my speaking communication skills and general confidence so much. I also developed my interview skills which have helped me to such an extent that I recently had a successful interview, using the techniques I had learned through the sessions and I am about to begin a new job. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started the sessions but I am so glad I persevered with them and they have definitely helped me and been a success. "
Sandra, California
" I have enjoyed our calls so much more in the last few months. I believe I have shared enough about myself that Emma was able to spot my style and she coaches extremely well on my level. She is very attentive, thoughtful and has helped me figure out so many things about myself and my future. "
Vesna, Japan
" I liked being coached by Emma. She listens and responds very well and she is so friendly. She is also very calm and gives me space to think and self-explore. "
Franzi, Germany
" The sessions have been a very pleasant experience so far and have helped me bring a lot more structure to my work-life and has helped me understand my problems with interaction / communication with both superiors and subordinates. "
Damijana, Slovenia
" Emma is an excellent coach. I'm not a native English speaker, but she shows me a lot of empathy and patience. She helps me a lot to find out the main point of my problems. "

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I feature on their register, giving you the assurance that I am fully qualified, insured and keeping up to date with professional developments so that I can be of service to you to the best of my abilities.

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