of all work-related ill health cases were attributed to stress, depression or anxiety.
(UK HSE 2018-19 report)


of working days lost in 2018/19 were attributed to stress, depression or anxiety.
(UK HSE 2018-19 report)


of US workers are ready to quit their jobs due to stress.
(The American Institute of Stress, Dynamic Signal)


of American workers reported experiencing stress at their workplace in 2019.
(Stress.org, Wrike)

"I help managers and employees, like you, who are feeling anxious, distracted,undervalued and resentful to get back to being focussed, authentic and courageous so you can get that sense of fulfillment that you've been missing, self-satisfaction and the balance in your life that you deserve."

Emma Ross,
Workplace well-being Mindset Coach and Online Counsellor

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Services Offered

Coaching and counselling are both excellent for personal development.

They each have very different starting points,
so which is right for you?

Imagine there is a lovely, sunny, sandy beach.

You are somewhere on that beach, metaphorically speaking.

How firm is your footing? Is the ground firm beneath you?

Are you standing up to your knees in the water, usually stable but in the midst of being knocked over by the energy behind a wave?

Maybe it was a wave you saw in advance and that has left you surprised at how much it has bowled you over.

Maybe it was a wave that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Are you bobbing in the water, sinking completely or maybe standing on the sand on the toes of one foot with water up to your upper lip?

Maybe you are gargling, ā€œIā€™m fine, I can feel the sand with my toes!ā€

Are you warm and dry, on firm ground, and wanting to climb up the tall sand dune so that you can admire the view?

Maybe you are wondering how to begin and what route to take.

Maybe you are part-way up that sand-dune slope, not sure if you'll get to the top of it?

If you are in the water, soggier than expected, trying to get back to dry land then counselling is likely to be best for you. Counselling is like bringing someone who is floundering and drowning in the sea back to the shore-line.

If you're already on the beach then coaching may be better for you.

Coaching is like walking with them up the beach to where they want to be. You are already in a generally resillient position before you begin, you're just not sure if or how you're going to get there.

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Help me get to the shore-line!

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Mindset Coaching

Help me get to the top of the sand-dune!

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Workplace Well-being

Help me develop myself in in a self-paced way.
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