- L.
"Emma was instrumental in my road to better mental health. Prior to meeting Emma, I had experienced a number of events in my personal life that led to me entering a deep depression. Emma helped me change my perceptions and how I viewed myself and thereby aided in my recovery and develop a better understanding of my worth in the world."
- B.
"I've started to feel a bit lighter and like I have more resillience. I'm still stressed but only down to a certain level and feel like my brain is quicker to kick in and give myself a reality check. I still value people's opinion but overall care less about their validation. I'm trying to exercise this new approach and attitude and am happy it's happened so quickly. It's still hard to tap into on occasion but it's reassuring to have it even some of the time!"
- C.
"I found my time with Emma very useful, helping me to build a 'toolkit' in dealing with my anxiety that has helped to lessen the impaact to my day to day life. I am more able to recognise when I am slipping to negative thought patterns and can rationalise things more effectively. There was a marked improvement in my overall well-being by the end of my sessions."
- K.
"I would just like to say thank you for the support and guidance you have given over the last few months. I feel this has really helped me to move forward and reclaim some sense of balance. I hope that I will not feel too bereft as a consequence of having to curtail these sessions, but also feel that maybe it is time for me to test the water and use the tools your counselling has provided. Thanks once again."
- S.
"Counselling gave me an opportunity to express my feelings, allowed me to understand them and gave me many new ways / methods to learn how to cope when things go wrong. I need to focus on my physical / mental health more, take more me-time and prevent myself from getting in a low place."
- P.
"I've reconciled with my sister and it went very well. I'd like to thank you for your help thus far."
- N.
"Having had some time to think, I have decided I now feel that I am at a point where I am strong enough to leave counselling for the moment (with the opportunity to come back if needed) and would like to thank Emma for all she has done for me through the difficult times. I really do appreciate all she has done."
- D.
"Hi Emma, I just wanted to thank you for the sessions we have had. Many thanks and all the best in the future."