- R, Hertfordshire, UK.
"In the current lockdown situation we are in, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, which in turn was making me unable to cope.
Emma listened to me and then made me realise that:
1) we are in an unusual situation;
2) I need to manage my expectations and not concentrate on reaching for perfection as that is my obstacle.
She also had me list what I wanted / needed to do and decided which is urgent but important, and important but not urgent. As a result I have been able to prioritise and gradually completing my tasks bit by bit, which is giving a peace of mind and good sense of wellbeing. Emma is a great listener."
- L, London, UK.
"Emma has been a very good coach, very respectful and friendly and approachable.
Willing to help and I like the way she shows her empathy to me and it seems to others too.
It has been enjoyable to be mentored by Emma and appreciated her time and energy.
I do not have anything negative to say about her during the time that she has been coaching me, but being grateful for considering me as a coachee."
- V, Japan.
"I liked being coached by Emma. She listens and responds very well and she is so friendly. She is also very calm and gives me space to think and self explore."
- T, Cardiff, UK.
"My experience has been very positive, I find it helpful to talk through what I am doing and my coach is helpful in suggesting ideas and giving me different perspectives. I am achieving my goals to the fullest extent."
- G, Cardiff, UK.
"I have recently been approaching these sessions with the practical goal of inproving my interview skills, whereas before I was trying to improve my overall speaking skills. Emma is always prepared with many excellent questions and has been great with this and I am feeling much more comfortable and prepared to be in an interview situation."
- D, Slovenia.
"Emma is an excellent coach. I'm not a native English speaker, but she shows me a lot of empathy and patience. She helps me a lot to find out the main point of my problems. She sent me different literature, web sites, quotes and other helpful things which help me on my way to achieve the goal."
- S, Cardiff, UK.
"I feel very better now. I used to think these [situations] were all failures, I have learned I have learned a lot! I am seeing this as a journey to my success."